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Format & Rules


Format: 5v5

Field size: 25 yds wide x 40 yds Long

Penalty Spot: 8 yds away from goal line.

Ball size: 4

Duration: Two 20 minutes halves with a 5-minute halftime.

Jerseys: Home team must wear dark jerseys, away team wears white to avoid color conflicts. If there is a conflict, the away team must change.

 Home team kicks off and away team will choose sides.

Coaches: All teams must have a licensed coach at the game.


Substitutions: Prior to kick-in, goal kick, after a goal, injury, and halftime.

No deliberate heading: If a player heads the ball, then an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponent at the spot of the incident. If a defender deliberately heads the ball inside his/her penalty area the free kick is moved 5 yards outside the area and the game restarts with an indirect kick.

No punting or drop kicks: If the Goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the game will restart with a retake.

Offside: This does not apply in SSDL.

Inbounding and restarts:Kick-ins or dribble-ins instead of throw ins, goal kicks & kickoff. 

·      Players can pass the ball inbounds keeping it below the referee’s waist height or a player can make the decision to dribble the ball inbounds.

·      Once the player has touched the ball the game is live.  

·      If the pass in is higher than waist level, then it must be retaken. This does not apply for free kicks. 

·      Defenders must retreat 5 yards away from the ball once the ball has been stopped whenever possible. 

·      A goal cannot be scored direct from a “kick-in” unless it is touched by another player. 

Fouls inside area: A foul in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.

Uneven Game: Should a game become one sided. The losing team should add players to the field until the game becomes balanced. 

Instruction: Coaches are permitted to enter the field during live play to provide instruction to players.

Covid 19 Policy

In order to provide a safe and healthy experience for the community and guests, Campbell Road Sports Park will heed the guidance of the State of Texas health and safety standards which all users are required to follow to ensure the welfare and protection of all parties.

The use of the Campbell Road Sports Park facilities and services indicates your agreement to:

· Adhere to all Campbell Road Sports Park rules and regulations

· DO NOT visit Campbell Road Sports Park if I am aware of or displaying any symptoms that are potential flu-like indications such as fever, cough, or any difficulty with breathing

· Assume any and all liability for my health and well-being by physically attending the premises of Campbell Road Sports Park despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic

· Abide by the physical distancing guidelines(s) by keeping a 6-foot distance between customers, staff, or guests at all times when using Campbell Road Sports Park or any other product or service unless acute injury, risk mitigation, or safety measures require otherwise

· Minimize and avoid unnecessary physical contact with others

Thank you for doing your part as we work together to keep our community safe for all our valued players, staff, family members, and guests.

 CRSP Park Rules

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